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Treats conditions including:

Thinning Hair

Weak Hair

Hair Loss

Slow Growing Hair

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Hair Energy Mesotherapy & Dermal Stimulation Therapy …. £150

Course of treatments recommended

Course of 4 …. £540 (Save £60)

Course of 8 …. £1050 (Save £150)

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Hair Stimulation Therapy uses a pen which contains multiple sterile needles to penetrate the scalp in a controlled way causing micro channels without damaging the skin.


This stimulates the hair follicles, increases blood flow in the capillaries and promotes hair growth.

A hair energy solution (mesococktail) is applied to the scalp allowing deep penetration through the micro channels and hair follicles to boost results. 


To be suitable for this treatment you must have the presence of active hair follicles.

A course of treatment is recommended for best results. This involves one treatment every week for up to eight weeks. 

Top up treatment may be required between 4-6 months to maintain results.


Hair Energy Mesotherapy …. £150

Stimulate hair growth, slow hair loss and improve hair quality with this mesotherapy cocktail.



The Hair Energy mesotherapy cocktail has a unique combination of active ingredients specially designed to maintain scalp vitality and act on follicle dysfunctions in order to achieve good anti-hair loss results and improve hair quality. 

It combines antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects with a hair growth stimulating effect.

Active Ingredients

Hydrolyzed Collagen - Provides specific amino acids necessary to replenishing the body’s collagen. Corrects weak, broken, split and damaged nail beds. Thickens fine hair and slows down hair loss.

Citrullus Colocynthis Fruit Extract - Stimulates hair growth, with an effect comparable to finasteride.

Velvet Extract - Promotes hair growth by regulating the hair cycle and cell proliferation in hair follicles.

Angelica Acutiloba Root Extract - Protects from hair loss and promotes hair growth.

Rheum Palmatum Root Extract - Protects from hair loss and promotes hair growth.

Centella Asiatica Extract- Increases the supply of blood to the capillaries under the skin and can improve the health and condition of the skin’s surface layers. It can also stimulate hair growth by delivering an increased flow of oxygenated blood to the hair follicles.

Polygonum Cuspidatum Extract - Activates collagen, increases fibroblasts and hair follicles and reduces inflammatory cells.

Scutellaria Baicalensis Root Extract - A good antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory agent.

Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract (Green tea) - Has anti-inflammatory effects, known to prevent hair loss and encourage hair regrowth.

Glycyrrhiza Glabra Root Extract - Promotes hair growth, even faster than Minoxidil.

Chamomilla Recutita Flower Extract - Has healing and anti-inflammatory properties.

Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary) Leaf Extract - Used for preventing and treating baldness, as well as treating circulation problems, eczema, and for wound healing.

Panthenol - Functions as a humectant that increases the water content of hair and improves its elasticity. Panthenol is inactive but is readily converted to pantothenic acid in the skin. Pantothenic acid is then incorporated as an important component in the energy cycle of the cell. Panthenol can also attract water into the upper layer of the skin and is thus effective as a moisturizer and softener.

Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil - A healing elixir, rich in essential fatty acids that impart moisture directly to the hair and scalp.

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Hair is continually renewed and replaced.

Every hair on your head has it's own growth cycle which has four different stages of growth.

Hair grows from the follicle, underneath the skin. These follicles are stimulated by blood vessels at the base of the follicle, which provide nourishment to initiate growth. Between starting to grow and falling out years later, each hair passes through four stages: anagen, catagen, telogen and exogen.

Every hair is at a different stage of the growth cycle.

Over time, the length of the anagen stage decreases. Therefore, the hair may become weaker and thinner after each cycle.

A diet rich in specific nutrients can prevent this. 

Treatments like Hair Stimulation Therapy can help bring the anagen stage back to life encouraging thicker, healthier hair.


Anagen (Growing Phase)

Anagen is the main growing stage.

This is when the most hair cells in the hair follicle are produced by the papilla. It is not uncommon for this stage to last two to seven years but in some cases as we age this can last a number of months or completely diminish. This stage determines the length of our hair.


Catagen (Transition Phase)

Catagen is the phase when hair stops growing. This transition phase can last around ten days. The bulb at the base of the hair shaft shrinks and detaches away from the dermal papilla and begins to move up through the follicle.


Telogen (Resting Phase)

Telogen is the stage when the follicle rests and during this time there is no hair growth. This is also known as the ‘falling stage’, round 10-15% of hairs are in this phase. 

The hair bulb begins to shrink and then it detaches itself from the base of the follicle causing the hair to fall away.

Eventually, new hair will begin to form and push its way up.

Exogen (New Hair Phase)

Exogen is part of the resting phase where the old hair sheds and a new hair continues to grow. Approximately 50 to 150 hairs can fall out daily, this is considered to be normal hair shedding.
If hairs enter the resting phase too early, excess shedding and noticeable thinning of the hair can occur.



Hair Stimulation Therapy initiates the return of the Anagen - Growing Stage encouraging thicker, healthier hair.

We use one of the best medical micro needling machines known as the Digital Pop Pro. Only sterile needle cartridges are used for each individual and disposed of after each appointment.

The Digital Pop Pro will penetrate the skin at the desired setting. Initially this may be around 0.4mm which is normally comfortable. Depending on the texture of your scalp this may need to be increased but this will be assessed on an individual basis.

The micro channels produced by the device initiate a reaction in the dermis (the live portion of the skin). Blood will flow to the capillaries around the area treated providing nourishment to the hair follicle. The Hair Energy Mesococktail (containing a number of anti oxidants, amino acids, plant extracts and other active ingredients) is absorbed targeting hormonal/hereditary hair loss and slow hair growth by stimulating hair growth and improving the hairs quality.



Is Hair Stimulation Therapy painful?

Hair stimulation therapy is usually tolerable by most clients due to the small depth of insertion at around 0.4mm, however, a numbing cream may be used prior to treatment. 

What will I look like after treatment?

You may experience some redness, however, after treatment we apply an anti inflammatory deeply hydrating repair balm which will soothe the area and speed recovery.

Is Hair Stimulation Therapy safe for my skin?

Hair Stimulation Therapy is safe for most skin types, although this treatment is not suitable for anyone who has hair loss where there is no hair follicle remaining.

However, Collagen Therapy is NOT suitable for those who:

Are allergic to metals or ingredients in the hair energy serum

Are pregnant or breast feeding as the skin can sometimes get uneven pigmentation due to hormonal changes

Have taken Roaccutane within the last 12 months

Have been treated with radiotherapy/chemotherapy in the last 12 months

Have any open wounds, inflamed rashes, or infections on the skin

Have a history of keloid or hypertrophic scarring due to the over production of collagen

Have sunburn/ recent sun exposure

Are about to go on holiday where sun exposure is likely

Have atopic eczema, dermatitis or inflammatory rosacea in the area to be treated

Have poor wound healing or immune compromised

How many treatments will I need?

Results start to be noticeable at around 4 weeks due to the hairs growth cycle.

 A course of 4-8 treatments is required for best results. A top up to maintain results is needed at between 4-6 months.  

What reactions will I get and how long will they last?

Slight redness, tenderness and dryness may occur and should decrease over a 24 hour period.

What should I do with my hair before I attend?

Please ensure you have clean, dry hair for your appointment.

What is the aftercare

  • Refrain from touching the skin with hands until the pores have had chance to close. Do not pick or pull the skin.

  • Avoid sun exposure on the day of use. A hat or sunscreen with an SPF30+ such as the Clinicare Sun Shield Cream SPF30 should be applied daily for at least a week.

  • Use of a moisturiser - Cebelia Extreme Care is advised for a few days as skin may feel drier or tighter after treatment. These feelings are quite normal.

  • Avoid shampoos containing fragrance for 3-5 days after treatment as these can irritate the skin. We recommend Clinicares Hair Energising Shampoo and Conditioner to compliment your treatment.

  • Refrain from extreme temperatures such as very hot showers, intensive sun light, saunas, sunbed, steam bath for a period of at least 1 week after treatment.

  • Avoid hair dyes or bleaching while undergoing treatment.

  • Do not swim in chlorinated water for approximately 24 hours.

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